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Junior Golf Schools & Clinics

In our small groups of only 3 or 4 students to every teacher, Trent Wearner Golf has implemented a comprehensive player development program which is designed to develop good fundamentals, improve all golf skills and ensure the golfer can transition their skills to the course.  Whether you come in as a beginner or are already a seasoned tournament player, our staff, programs and facility will help you excel. 

With our multi-level program, your golfer will proceed through the stages to help him/her steadily improve.  Developing sound habits with regard to technique, practice, game management and self-management are instrumental in our programs.  Students will spend time on the course/practice holes and be tested regularly via our skills tests/games.  Specific criteria from the skills games will determine when the golfer is ready to progress to the next level.  

We have several great Specialty Clinics as well as three On-Going Programs from which to choose:

Specialty Clinics:  College Prep Clinic, Playing Lesson School, Putting Clinics, and more

On-Going Programs:

(1) 6-Week Program:  specific dates/times throughout the year for various skill levels.

(2) High School Prep:  an extremely popular program that runs opposite of the high school season for boys or girls and also in the summer. 

(3)  Trent Wearner Exclusive Summerlong Junior Program:  this is a summerlong event scheduled once a week throughout the summer and coached by Trent Wearner