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Jerry Walters' Adult Coaching Programs


Private Coaching for 1 or 2 Adults

Jerry Walters is available for Putting and Short Game lessons only.  Walters has spent the past ten years working for a major putter company as their PGA and Nationwide Tours representative. As well working with players on major tours, Walters has also taught mini-tour players and amateurs, working on putting and short game proficiency. He is also an established putter fitter and has all of the expertise to make recommendations for you or simply adjust your current putter.

Taking instruction with a friend can be a great experience and is more economical as well. Take a look at this option in the column titled 2-P to see what you would be paying per person.  You may also book a lesson online by clicking HERE.

                     Jerry Walters (Putting & Short Game)

                                            Hours              1-Person           2-People (p/p)

                                               1/2                     $60                      N/A

                                                1                       $120                    $70

                                                3                       $330                   $175

                                                5                       $500                   $275


SHORT GAME EXPERIENCE:  2-hours of Putting, a Putter Fit, Chipping, Pitching & Bunker $190.  Please contact Jerry Walters at jerry@trentwearnergolf.com to sign-up.


"I can't speak highly enough of the talent possessed and excellent coaching that I have received from Jerry. During my first visit with him I tried to convince him that I was the worst putter on the planet. Upon each insistence he would break out a training aid to demonstrate how wrong I was. I gained many things from my coaching with Jerry, if I were to articulate a few I would say that the biggest benefit for me was the incredible amount of confidence I gained. I entered the first lesson scared to death of a 3 foot putt, but left my lesson confident that I could make a 20 foot putt. In 30 years of playing golf I had made 1 or 3 eagle putts. The weeks that proceeded my time with him yielded 6 eagles. My putting average dropped from 36 to 30, and I was back to being a zero handicapper.


Part of the boost in confidence came from his ability to exercise some of the demons from my mind. The ills that I thought were apart of my putting stroke didn't really exist, as he was able to prove with the use of a myriad of training aids. Additionally, I'm very analytical, as is he, consequently he was able to describe the physics of the putter/ball interaction which made sense to me allowing me to self-correct more effectively. "

                                  - Reggie K.


"I want to thank you for the instruction I received from you Sunday at your putting clinic. I definitely am putting with more confidence now than before I went to see you. The training aids make putting practice more fun for starters so I am spending more time on the practice green. The best thing though is I am really able to tell if I am making a good stroke or not since the drills are quite challenging."

                                 - John M.