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Philip Linares' Junior Coaching Programs


Private Coaching for 1 or 2 Juniors

Private coaching packages are blocks of time that can be used for any aspect of the game, including playing lessons. We do not put expiration dates on our lesson packages like other golf academies. And taking instruction with a friend can be a great experience and is more economical as well. Take a look at this option in the column titled 2-P to see what you would be paying per person.  You may also book online HERE.


                        Hours              1-Person           2-People (p/p)

                           1/2                     $45                      N/A

                            1                       $90                     $50

                            5                       $400                   $225

                          10                      $750                   $425


Elite Junior Coaching

Elite Junior Coaching is a committed player program designed to improve all areas of a junior's game.  It is for the junior who has the time and energy needed to achieve sustained improvement.   This program would be appropriate for you if you can dedicate yourself to approximately one session every 7-10 days.  Players receive coaching across all aspects of the game – improving ball-control, decision-making, self-management, practice effectiveness, and more.  This program combines on range and on course lessons.  The focus of this program is to make the junior golfers well rounded players, both on and off the golf course.  If you are a committed junior player and/or aspire to play college golf and are serious about lowering your scoring average, this program provides comprehensive coaching for you.  

Included with the Program:

  • Player Development Notebook
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Club Fitting If Needed
  • Subscription to Golf Scrimmages online practice website

(12) Hours of Coaching + (2) 9-Hole Playing Lessons  (2-4 sessions per month)

1-Junior:  $1525
(18)  Hours of Coaching + (3) 9-Hole Playing Lessons  (2-6 sessions per month)

1-Junior:  $2275