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Trent Wearner's Junior Coaching Programs

Trent Wearner is rated by his peers as the #1 Teacher in Colorado as published by Golf Digest Magazine and was recently named a Top 25 Elite Junior Coach in the U.S. by FCG Tour.  Trent has 4 unique coaching options listed below.  These programs and his coaching have been proven year in and year out by the accomplishments of his students.  Please feel free to call the academy to speak to Trent about which program may be right for you.  303-645-8000  You may also book online HERE.

Option 1:  Skill Development Coaching  

Skill Development packages are for direct focus on 1-2 specific aspects of a junior's game. Please click on the gray box below to see a sample program.  Taking instruction with a friend can be a great experience and is more economical as well. Take a look at this option in the column titled 2-P to see what you would be paying per person.

                                                                  Trent Wearner

                                                      Hours                1-Person                2-People (p/p) 

                                                        1/2                         $85                            N/A

                                                          1                          $170                           $100

                                                          5                          $800                           $500

                                                         10                         $1500                         $950


Option 2:  Elite Junior Training



Elite Junior Training is a committed player program designed to improve all areas of a junior's game.  It is for the junior who has the time and energy needed to achieve sustained improvement.  We will thoroughly take you through all Four Steps of Improving:  (1) Plan: receive a comprehensive questionnaire and take part in skills testing evaluations, (2) Practice:  develop a clear road map for your technical or mechanical improvements, work with you to engrain them and show you research based processes for accelerating acquisition of those improvements, (3) Prepare: coach you on skills that will help you transfer your game to the course with more success, and (4) Play: spend numerous sessions with you on the course learning to play under pressure, discussing strategy, self-management, decision-making, and more.   This program would be appropriate for you if you can dedicate yourself to approximately one session every 7-14 days.  Players receive coaching across all aspects of the game – improving ball-control, decision-making, self-management, practice effectiveness, and more. If you are a committed junior player and/or aspire to play college golf and are serious about lowering your scoring average, this program provides comprehensive coaching for you.  You will also receive Advanced Scheduling on Trent's calendar.  Please click the gray box below to learn more.

Click the gray box below to read the Program's Benefits & Details

                                       (12) Hours of Coaching + (1) 9-Hole Playing Lesson

                                                              1-Junior:  $2400 or monthly payments that suit you                                            

                                                              2-Juniors:  $1750ea. or monthly payments   

                                       (25)  Hours of Coaching + (2) 9-Hole Playing Lessons 

                                                               1-Junior:  $4650 or monthly payments that suit you

                                                               2-Juniors:  $3000ea. or monthly payments

                                       (40)  Hours of Coaching + (3) 9-Hole Playing Lessons 

                                                               1-Junior:  $6900 or monthly payments that suit you

                                                               2-Juniors:  $4000ea. or monthly payments



Option 3: Exclusive Summer Long Program

This is a unique opportunity to spend the summer with Colorado's #1 Rated Teacher (as rated by his peers and published by Golf Digest) and one of the Elite Top 25 Junior Coaches in the U.S. (by Future Champions Golf Tour).  Trent will be offering this program at a couple different locations around Denver.  One will be at his home facility at Colorado National Golf Club in Erie, CO and the other at CommonGround Golf Course.  

Classes will meet once a week for the summer ... please click on the gray box below for exact details.  Space is extremely limited so please call the academy at 303-645-8000 to reserve your spot.  These exclusive juniors will receive a free membership to the practice website golfscrimmages.com and many other tools.  

Option 4: Private Day with Trent Wearner

A very special one-on-one private Half or Full Day school with Trent Wearner that is completely customized for the areas of your game that need it most.  Any area of the game including time spent on the course with Trent can be a part of your personalized day.  Click on the gray box to learn more and please call with any questions or to schedule your special day.