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Game Improvement Guide - Digital Version

The Game Improvement Guide is a digital version of what we use with each and every one of our students enrolled in a Coaching Program: Plan Better – Practice Better – Prepare Better – Play Better. There are nearly 100 pages that you can utilize and/or print off to place into a binder. This Guide starts off with a commitment page, then lays out Golf’s Three Skills, how to practice, has a step-by-step process for setting Goals, several pages for notes on each area of your game, has a practice schedule template, a place for mental game notes, numerous competitive games with descriptions and scorecards, a phenomenal template for a sound routine along with a mental game/routine scorecard, tournament preparation guidelines, how to play a practice round, post-round questionnaires, contains dozens of inspirational quotes, and more. Using this guide and documenting your game is critical and will help you learn from your experiences and improve faster.




Price: $12.00

This is the digital version of the Game Improvement Gide and will be emailed to you as a PDF. Be sure to include the email address below where you wish to receive the guide.