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Golf Scrimmages

Golf Scrimmages: Realistic Practice Games Under Pressure

Bridge the Gap Between Practice and Play!  This book is widely known as the resource for transferring your game to the golf course.  If you want to take your game to the course you must first bring the course to practice.  Author and nationally recognized coach, Trent Wearner, shows you how.  Its 230 pages consist of nearly 100 games that help golfers practice the types of shots encountered on the course while at the same time under the same pressure that is felt on the course. Many of the games have two or three versions giving the book approximately 200 games in total. With this many competitive practice games you’re sure to find plenty of new ones along with some familiar ones that have an added twist.

Pressure, consequences, having only one try, and being overly mechanical are just a few words that golfers of all ability levels describe they sense while on the course.  If you don't bring those aspects to your practiice, you'll never improve your on-course play and you'll certainly never reach your potential. 

A description of every game in the book along with its rules and variations are clearly laid out. Additionally, a color photo complements almost every game in the book. The chapters preceding the games discuss the importance of proper practice, adding pressure, how to turn the practice facility into the golf course and how athletes in other sports prepare, by scrimmaging.

Click the thumbnails below to view samples of the games that can be found in this unique and extremely helpful book Golf Scrimmages. You can also view the table of contents as well as the accolades and quotes found on the back cover.

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